Seven online dating cliches you must avoid - and how to write the perfect profile

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" I like traveling" - this must be the most common phrase you find on the online dating site, or " I like a leisurely life", and of course " I want to have a good time".

Whenever you see these dating profiles, you definitely want to close them immediately. These profiles just use the same phrases, such as like and dislike, but do not mention any prominent features of the individual.

We're here to find a date, not to see these boring things, aren't we?

Therefore, a good personal profile can greatly improve the success rate of dating

Here are 7 classic cliches to avoid - online and in real life.

1.“I love to travel.”

2.“I love going out, but I’m just as happy staying in.”

3.“I’m laid back, easy-going, and love to have a good time.”

4.“I’m terrible at talking about myself.”

5.“I’m equally as comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt as I am in a cocktail dress and heels.”

6.“I’m looking for someone who knows what he/she wants.”

7.“I work hard and play hard.”


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So how to write a perfect profile?

1. Don't talk nonsense

Keep your page straightforward - but there's also some light humor involved.

If you are talking about your interest, it should be specific. Don't just say you like reading. Tell us the last great book you read and why it made you remember.

Remember, leaving unanswered questions is a good way to start a conversation in real life.

2. Avoid cliches

If you really want to stand out, you must have to dig deep and develop your creativity.

Translate the text into pictures, replace the cliches with your ambitions, and replace them with humorous anecdotes in your life

3. Update your profile regularly

Thousands of people join the online couples dating sites every week, so please keep your profile fresh and update your website frequently.

Similarly, taking a new photo every few weeks can play an important role.

4.Say cheese

A good photo can replace thousands of words

Looking at the camera - don't hide behind sunglasses. eye contact is charming and attractive, just like a big smile can attract people.

5. Check your spelling

The best of us may make mistakes, so be careful and make sure to proofread the page before clicking Submit.

A quick way is to write your profile in a Word document and use spell checking to make sure there are no errors. After that, you can copy and paste the perfectly calibrated configuration file.


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